Our staging capabilities are wide and vast. Owning and operating our own fleet and occupying over 15,000sq feet of warehouse space, we cover a lot of ground. The furnishings and fixtures we use for staging are all company owned and maintained. Our circulating inventory is in excellent condition, of the highest quality, expansive and diversified.

PANACHE designs are not limited to any particular style or look. Since inception, we have been known for our ability to customize each staging project to the architecture and unique qualities of each home. No design of ours is ever repeated and we never “just fill space”. Our installations are well thought out with appropriate and properly scaled furnishings and accessories.

With our commitment to re-invest 15-20% of each staging fee back into the job, we ensure each project will takes on their own unique look. Customized purchasing and placement of project specific decor enhances the appeal of each space we design. With a proven and consistent track record of increasing property values, our list of references amongst sellers, realtors and buyers is endless.